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Unquestioned intuition, capitalism, and the KKK have influenced my current work direction: earth-centric, queer, kitsch American-nonsense. 


Ranging from childlike experimentation with plastic, to unresolved statements about modern America, my latest body of paintings—ME.NY.NC.—is a recollection of experiences on my stumble down the eastern coast. Whether it is nostalgia for an apartment complex in Maine or dismay at a South Carolina attraction selling “Pedro’s Africa Shop” fanny packs, each piece tells a story.

ME.NY.NC is broken into two movements: the first being a movement from Maine to New York. From a place where blackness is rare and nature is respected, to a place where blackness is commonplace and nature is forgotten. The second movement is from New York to North Carolina. From a place where diversity is celebrated, to a place where racial-tension is palpable.

At an aesthetic level, my work is centered on color and material interaction. Composed of 12 phallic oil paintings, ME.NY.NC is beautifully-designed and disgustingly plastic. Each painting can stand alone or be combined to create its own visual narrative. 

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